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Katekyo Hitman Reborn: GiottoxReader
It was another cold winter in the manor that sat upon the cold Italian snow that blankets the rooftops and the grounds that surrounded the home. The warm breath that escaped your lips immediately turned into a freezing, visible mist.
You heard a slight shuffling from beside you that broke your train of thought, Giotto, who seemed to be cold, snuggled closer to your side of the bed, seeking your warmth. His blonde hair splayed across the pillow due to his action.
Closing the window you opened minutes after your awakening, you looked down at Giotto, who had his arms loosely wrapped around your waist, and his face was in a peaceful and calm state. There were very little times where Giotto and you would be able to spend a nice quiet time together with no worries of other rivaling mafias, G's constant pestering, and the busy life that came with being the head of a well-known mafia.
So with every chance you could get squeezed into your complicated life, you would cherish it dearly.
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 16 5
GermanyxReader Drabble
You looked at your strict husband, personification of Germany as he leaned on your shoulder, relaxing in the afternoon sun. After all, you had insisted that he take a break from all the paperwork that came with being a well-known country, especially with the worries and preparations of a new baby on the way.
You smiled at the thought of a child that shared the blood of your lover. Your stomach was only a small bump, but you knew that all the months that were left ahead would quickly pass, and before you know it, you'll be holding that little child that had been sleeping inside you. But, for the moment, you would just like to enjoy the moments of peace and comfort that you have with your husband.
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 38 5
You felt his touch, it was gentle and caring despite his cold appearance. Many thought he was a possessive male, crazy, and deadly. But ever since you walked into his life, he stopped chasing after his Russian sister and started going after you.
You remembered all the times when you both were at the same high school, how he would always leave a bunch of flowers in your locker, or how he would tend to follow you from period to period. He also managed to threaten the school board in giving him the exact same classes as you. You at first thought it was quite crazy, how he stalked you, but after awhile you softened up. You found the true Nikolai hidden underneath those cold eyes.
Sleep seemed to call you even more as he caressed your mop of (h/c) hair as it was sprawled out on the pillow. You felt the little child in your stomach kick a bit as it wriggled around as if trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.
"The young one is kicking again, Nikolai..." You quietly moaned to him.
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 208 15
You looked into the mirror, you were wearing your white frilly shirt, matching with short jeans that stopped at the middle of your thigh, your hair was braided back . You heard a knock at the door, and the shouting of your sister downstairs.
"I got it!!!"
You watched from the staircase as your sister hurriedly opened the door and jumped towards the person standing behind it.
You then heard a deep chuckle as your sister quickly sprang away from the tall red haired man.
"Sorry little lady, but my name's Allistor."
You watched as your sister pouted, scooting farther and farther away from Allistor. You walked up from behind her and embraced the Scotsman who talked you tightly back.
"Where are we going today, Allistor?"
"That's a surprise lass, now let's get going."
"Okay, come on little sister, wouldn't want to keep Arthur waiting now would we?"
~Time Skip~
As you arrived at the Kirkland household, your little sister practically ran out of the car and burst through the door. Yo
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 108 7
NorwayxReader Chapter 3 Final
You awoke to a cold winter morn, the windows were white and frosted as the snow freshly fell outside, piling higher and higher. You sat up carefully, fully aware to try to not hurt the child that was in your care now. It wouldn't be long till the child shall be born, so until then you would like to spend more alone time with your husband Lukas, who seemed to already be up and clearing the sidewalk to your house.
You seemed reluctant to leave the warmth of the surrounding blankets, but the child in your swollen stomach seemed hungry and began to kick.
"Alright, alright..." You whispered. "Shall we get you something to eat?"
You walked towards the kitchen, searching for something to eat. You were so distracted about getting something to eat for the baby, you didn't notice that your Norwegian husband had returned home and managed to wrap his cold arms around you.
"Are my two beloved ones hungry?"
You smiled softly and caressed your stomach.
"No, just the little one."
Lukas caressed your s
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 8 1
NorwayxReader Chapter Two
You sat in silence as you watched Lukas bound Denmark tightly with a rope.
"Lukas...don't you think this is a little too much?" You gently asked.
He didn't answer you though you were sure he had heard you. You thought for a moment as he pulled the ropes around the Dane tighter, as if he were trying to cut of the pathway of blood from his arms. You stood and made your way over to your boyfriend and gently placed your hand on his shoulder. He seemed to calm down a bit and looked at you.
You smiled.
"Lukas, if you tie it tighter, you might actually kill him..." You said. "How about we just sit down and just relax?"
He pondered for a moment before nodding slightly and bringing you to the couch with him. He brought the blanket that laid upon the couch over both your bodies. You nuzzled closer to his warmth as he wrapped his arms around your frail form. Your eyes were about to close before you felt Lukas shift a bit.
"I have something to tell you (y/n)..."
"What is it Lukas?"
"I know that I'
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 25 6
NorwayxReader Chapter One
You watched as the snow fell from the dark sky, on your lap laid your boyfriend, Lukas, a Norwegian Male. You slowly caressed his hair as it tickled you thigh. You were humming a small lullaby that you remembered from you childhood. Lukas closed his eyes in content, enjoying the warmth of your hands.
You lowered down to his face, admiring his features.
"Are you asleep, Lukas?"
He opened his tired eyes and looked up at you. You smiled softly. The Dane had managed to take all the energy from the Norwegian man, leaving him tired and exhausted.
"Is there anything I can do for you Lukas?"
He seemed to think for a moment before you saw an answer made. He sat up and quickly wrapped his arms around you and pulled you down to the bed. He rested his head upon yours as you dug your face in his chest. You wrapped your arms around his waist, he caressed your (h/c) hair. You scooted closer to him, enjoying the warmth that you both had given each other.
~Time Skip~
You woke up moments later due to a
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 26 3
You began to awaken from you slumber, you felt that you were covered in warmth. There was a tickling sensation at your cheek, as you felt something furry brush against it. You slowly opened your sleep filled eyes to see that you were surrounded by kittens. As you began to sit up, you felt an arm wrapped around your swollen stomach.
You looked beside you to find your lover Heracles asleep with a peaceful face. You gently brushed the brown hair that covered his face, petting the cat that slept on his chest. You stood up, unwrapping yourself from his warmth and walked towards that kitchen, with a couple of cats following you. You turned to see that a couple of them had trailed behind you. Some of them very close to your feet, so as you walked you tried very carefully not to step on them.
"Come along little ones!~"
They meowed in response. You caressed you tummy gently.
"You must be hungry too, right little fella?~"
You had prepared many tiny dishes of milk, all laid out on the ground for
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 110 21
As the door opened, you both stepped in.
"Welcome to your new home, little one."
You looked down and the warm bundle in your arms. The baby's big green eyes that he had inherited from his father shone as he looked up at you. You smiled softly, as you brushed his cheek gently with your finger.
You felt a warm presence behind you, tilting your head up, you looked at your dear husband Tim.
"Isn't he just adorable Tim?"
His eyes softened as he gazed upon the two people he treasured the most. He wrapped his arms around you, mindful of the baby that you carried in your arms. You cuddled closer to the warmth.
"How about you get some rest (y/n), you have been through a lot the past days."
You smiled gently.
"Alright, I'll take a short nap before I start dinner."
You handed him the baby and walked up the stairs towards the bedroom that you both had shared.
Tim carried the baby towards the living room before settling down on the couch, careful not to drop him. He watched as his green eyes reflec
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 93 11
You watched from afar as your beloved and the children tended to the animals that lived in his garden. There was a pond where the cranes roamed, a group of bamboo for the pandas, and another pond for the koi fish so they don't get eaten by the cranes.
From before you became his girlfriend, you were surprised by the size of the garden. But now that you visited everyday, you had gotten familiar with the other animals, and you never feared when they came a little too close for comfort.
You giggled when you Kiku running towards you, you opened your arms wide as he jumped towards you.
"Kiku, did you have fun?"
He dug his face deeper into your neck in response. You pat his hair softly, watching as Yao approached you with the children gathered around him.
"Sorry (y/n), Kiku got bitten aru."
You lifted his nimble finger close to your eyes and saw that there was indeed a little scratch upon his finger.
"It's just a little scratch, nothing I can't fix."
You took Kiku inside and wrapped the injur
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 38 8
You sat near your boyfriend, as he sat on a stool, his braided hair flowing down almost touching the ground. You watched as he did soft brush strokes on the white canvas, creating a mirage, an image of the beautiful sunset that was currently happening in front of you.
"Why do you paint, Stein[1]?"
He paused, turning his gaze away from the canvas. He looked at you before returning to paint on the previously white board.
"I paint, (y/n), because I enjoy being able to capture all the beautiful things that nature has to offer."
You tilted you head cutely to the side, your (h/c) hair following your motion. You stood up from your seating on the grass, as you stepped closer to the young man. You leaned over his shoulder, inhaling the scent that you've become familiar with.
"But what about me?"
Without taking his gaze away from the canvas he continued to paint.
"What about you, (y/n)?"
You giggled before wrapping your arms around his shoulders, causing him to freeze and causing a pink blush to
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 17 10
You watched as the sun had finally set behind the mountains, already tired from its day of restlessness. You sighed quietly, seeing your own breath as it had quickly gotten colder. You jumped when you felt a pair of warm arms wrap around you, their fingers softly caressing your swollen stomach. You could smell the oh so familiar scent of the nature and grass that you had gotten used to.
"Let's go back inside now, we wouldn't want you two to catch a cold."
You heard him say, his voice was filled with worry.
You leaned you head against his chest, looking up at the twinkling stars above.
"Just a few more minutes Dylan..."
You heard him chuckle before silence, and the chirping of the bugs could be heard. You could feel his hands gently rubbing your stomach, it felt soft and put no weight upon it. You felt as if you were like a fragile piece of glass that could shatter at any moment.
You then slowly rose, with the aid of Dylan of course. As you both walked back into the house, you could fee
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 42 16
You watched from afar as the Hungarian male moved gracefully on the mat. You listened to the sound of the two foils coming together, making a big 'clacking' sound that echoed around the big room.
"Point, Daniel!"
You head shot up once you heard the shout from the referee. You smiled softly as you watched your boyfriend take off his mask and shake hands with the opponent who seemed to be smiling at the fact that he got beaten again. You stood up from the bench and jumped down towards Daniel, his back was towards you. You jumped upon him, your arms around his neck and your feet on its tippy toes.
"Congratulations Daniel!" You said to him after letting him out of your grasp. "I knew you would win!"
You heard him chuckle a bit as he ruffled your hair. You blushed as he caressed your cheek, you had always savored the moment of when you had your time with Daniel, for when it came to fencing, it was like his job. He had gotten so busy that you two didn't even go out on 5 dates yet! It made yo
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 132 67
You slowly opened your eyes and sat up, the cool air of your room hitting your skin, causing goosebumps to reveal themselves. You looked outside and your eyes widened at the sight of white crystals falling from the sky, the ground covered in a sheet of everlasting snow.
You quickly jumped out of bed and prepared yourself for the cold weather outside.
You quickly opened the front door, causing a cold wind to enter into the warm house. You soon found yourself face to face with your Austrian boyfriend. You jumped back in surprise.
"How long have you been standing here Roderich?!" You said, pulling him inside.
Though he said nothing, you noticed how pale he had looked and told him to settle himself by the fire. After warming him up, you smiled at him. You watched as his face had a streak of blush running across, you giggled to yourself.
You knew that Roderich was not one to show his affections openly, for many thought he was a know-it-all snob. But they were wrong, ever since you met him a
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 60 9
You watched as your boyfriend, the personification of Sweden stared down at you with an unintentional glare. Most people would back off and have nothing to do with him, but you were different and looked past his coldness.
As you both walked down the cold white blanket of snow, you shivered. Sweden who noticed immediately, silently took off his jacket and put them on your shoulders despite your protests'.
"T-Thank you Berwald..."
He grunted, confirming that he had heard you over the howling cold wind. Suddenly as you continued to walk, the snow got higher and higher until it reached up to your knees. You worried for a moment for when you walked, Berwald's jacket dragged behind you. You stopped at some moments to lift the dragging cloth in your arms.
You hadn't noticed that Berwald would at times turn to check on you. So when you turned to lift it again you were surprised to be lifted off the ground. You squealed in surprise as his arm hooked under your legs and your bottom say on his ar
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 274 45
You look out the opened window and found a dark figure crouched down on the ground. You jumped back and yelped in surprise until you noticed that the figure was quite familiar. It had piercing red eyes and strawberry blonde locks. It was your boyfriend Vlamir.
"Vlad! You scared me!"
You heard him chuckle, but it sounded rasp and painful.
"Sorry _____, but can I come in first?"
"Of course!"
As he entered through the window, you noticed that he was limping and sweat covered his forehead. You quickly caught him before he fell, he leaned on you for support, his head resting on your shoulder.
"Vlad, what happened?!"
"I got caught again _____..."
And then he passed out. You quickly led him to the couch where you laid him down and went in search for a blanket and a bucket to fill with water. As you came back, you noticed that there was blood staining your couch and quickly rushed to his side. Inspecting his leg, you noticed that there was a bullet hole where the fresh blood continued to seep
:iconlalawong1013:lalawong1013 100 18


Sunshine [Oikawa x Short!Reader]
You watched as your best friend looked at you with an amused expression, her eyes shifting from yours to the top of your head as you tried to explain to her what the contents of your project would be.
Biting her lip, she tried to stifle her laughter as you continued to sway from side to side – an action that you did not cause by yourself; a fact that you were so painfully aware of since your arms rested on the arms wound around your waist and you could feel the pressure that was present on the top of your head.
“And then- Hey (best friend’s name)! Are you even listening to me?” you snapped at her, making her burst into fits of laughter as she could not hold off her amusement any longer.
“I-I’m s-sorry!” she squeezed in between bouts of laughter, “You just look incredibly cute and small with Oikawa-san holding you and swaying you from side to side like that!”
You pouted at her words, making her clutch her stomach and laugh even harde
:iconderanged-gongzhu:Deranged-Gongzhu 33 30
[Magi] Aladdin x Reader
You were a young dancer, relatively inexperienced compared to the other girls in your troupe. They had taken you in a short while ago out of kindness, and so far, it had been a very liberating and good learning experience.
Just today actually, your group had been invited to one of King Sinbad’s famous parties. Sindria was known for throwing the best and most exciting parties, and since it was an offer by the King, your group had graciously accepted.
Of course, it would only be the more popular, experienced, well known dancers that would entertain the King and his generals/special guests.
You sighed as you sat alone at the end of a table, you had tripped during your last performance, and hurt your ankle. Since you had got off stage to rest for a while, there had been some weird drunk guy that kept bothering you, flirting and what not. You’d been doing your best to avoid him, but he kept trying to follow you it seemed.
Feeling someone’s presence approach you from behind
:iconslainez:slainez 100 6
Delicate [Sidon x Injured!Hylian!Reader]
“Come with me.”
Cool rain pattered softly against your face, and the small waves of the lake gently licked the tips of your fingers as the storm swelled in its rage and majesty. At the mercy of the wind, the green grass wicked aggressively against your body as it cradled your form. Despite the intense throbbing within the festering wound of your leg, despite the horrific ache grasping your head as a furious monster ready to tear apart its prey, despite the tempest bellowing against your broken frame, numbness washed over you as a wild sea wave engulfs the tiny pebbles of the beach.
The tears once shed became lost with the rain, like moments lost in time.
The agony causing you to run, the betrayal, all vanished as a speck of dust in the wind.
In comparison to the turmoil you endured the majority of your pathetic life, this vacuum of emptiness was utterly divine.
Maybe if you just closed your eyes, you could lose yourself within this void, and never be hurt again...
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 89 29
Cold .:. Yuri Plisetsky
TW: slight language
You wonder why this had suddenly been so difficult.
You have been staring at the digits flashed on your screen for a while now, the cold damp cloth slipping steadily from the side of your forehead as your brows furrow, pondering on your excuse for not showing up for today's practice.
You wait until the screen faded into your reflection and pressed the home button gingerly. The screen glowed to life, notifications stacked one after another, blocking the irked face that was your wallpaper.
5 missed calls
10 messages
3 social account notifications.
You hold back a chuckle, noting how all of them came from just a single sender, the same sender who bursts into mood swings each time you disregard him in favor of your phone. You breathe in (or rather sniffed) all the air you could with difficulty, and began to type a concise reply your clouded mind can only come up with in your medicated state.
Sorry for not coming today :c
I'm not fee
:iconjeneru:jeneru 21 4
Back to You [Oikawa x Reader]
A/N: Oikawa's POV (III); Text in italics and bold are flashbacks
It’s been months since he left you.
But what was months felt like years to him; it felt like so much more when he kept on seeing you, even when he had his eyes closed.
Every day felt like a struggle to him, like everything he did was a chore; waking up, going to school, eating, talking to Iwaizumi, and even volleyball training – everything became a chore.
But the greatest burden that he bore was his own broken, suffering heart. A heart that was shattered by himself. A heart he so carefully encased in walls; a heart that he was afraid to fully give to you.
The magnitude of what he did was starting to wear him down, displaying on the darkened circles under his eyes and the noxious paleness of his skin. He did not meant for this to happen, no, not at all, and he most definitely did not want to break your heart.
But he still did – and no, it wasn’t because he didn
:iconderanged-gongzhu:Deranged-Gongzhu 48 201
nightmare. | levi ackerman
nightmare. | levi ackerman x fem!reader
When Levi’s eyes fluttered open, he’s standing in the open area beyond the walls — not on horseback, he’s just standing there alone, surrounded by heavy fog. The soldier turns his head side to side, straining his eyes to see what lies ahead of him, but he couldn’t see anything beyond the thick grey clouds that engulfed him.
He's confused. What’s he doing here?
His mouth open to call for someone, anyone, but he can’t speak; his voice just won’t come out.
That confuses him even more because he’s not mute, and Levi knows he’s not mute, so why can’t he make a sound?
The ravenette moves a foot forward, and then another, walking forward in slow and steady steps — if he can’t call for anyone, he’d search for someone. His hands automatically grip the handles of the 3D Maneuver Gear that’s strapped around his waist, on-guard and prepared for any titans.
The c
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 219 59
Tresses | Victor Nikiforov
Victor Nikiforov x Hairdresser!Reader
"You want me to what?!"
Victor gave a large, closed-lip grin in spite of your anxious vociferation, his eyes alight with the kind of mischief that suggested he liked seeing you in an uncomfortable panic. In fact, he looked as if he had simply asked you to make a cup of tea or  give Maccachin a bath,
not rid him off all of his waist-long, silvery hair.
Your heart rammed against your chest, and already you could feel the sweat pooling in your palms, fingertips trembling. For several seconds, Victor remained unfazed and said nothing --only a reassured, confident bob of his head. When you tried to speak, your words were a stammering, almost incomprehensible mess,
"B-but why?!"
"Why not?" He winked, his voice light as a feather, "Truthfully, it's becoming an nuisance during performances --a distraction. Perhaps, I'm just ready for the change, and who better to ask than you?"
"Veek-tor!" Came the apprehensive squea
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 62 12
Caretaker. | Nicolas Brown
Day to day, from the moment she wakes and sleeps, her routine is the same. She waits for the weight of sleep to dissipate before she rises, and feels around for the hairbrush on her night stand. When her hair is absent of knots, she scuffles to the kitchen, repeating the same gesture with her hands to find the bread and butter knife. Only after she's had her breakfast will she sit by the window and watch the grey light in her eyes shift in vibrancy and contrast.
She waits for him patiently, but her heart beat is vociferous.
The moment Nicolas arrives varies. Sometimes he comes alone, others he's accompanied by Worrick or Nina. Either way, she's promised him she won't wander off and submit herself to the dangers of the city, or fiddle with anything he's offered to fix until he gets there.
[Name] doesn't think her disability makes her helpless. She's been without sight for quite some time, long enough to learn how to survive without it. She knows Nicolas doesn't find her completely usele
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 39 12
Balanced | Nicolas/Reader/Worick
[Give this a listen while you read:]
Alex noticed it early on.
The way those boys seemed to almost bend to you. It was never a case of you taking advantage of them but in instances where they might have just waved off any one else, you were a priority.
Having a cup of coffee ready in the morning before you'd even woke.
The way they seemed to take turns escorting you home from work; even as you complained you could do it yourself. Though when did that ever stop the boys from doing as they pleased?
Alex found it almost amusing though. You couldn't walk yourself home but they would readily divulge information concerning their line of work to your open ears. Alex found it profoundly befuddling how they so obviously saw you as an equal; yet the smallest things you could do for yourself were things they seemed to almost insist upon doing.
Letting you swap between their rooms to spend the night in.
The night she watched you waltz right into Nicolas'
:iconskriiver:skriiver 174 28
Against the Wall | Nicolas Brown/Reader
Tap. Tap.
You could just barely make out the soft feeling of his fingertips tapping on your shoulder.
This would be the second time tonight that you had woken up from a rather deep, comfortable slumber; so needless to say your heavy, hazy mind wasn't too keen on actually accepting you were awake.
Tap. Tap.
"Yes Nicolas....?" you groan, conceding to slowly open your groggy eyes.
Gradually you're able to blink out the fuzzy bits of your vision, eventually taking in Nicolas' face only a few inches from yours. Your previous drowsiness is replaced with a rather full, anxious feeling as you're able to finally process just how he was looking at you.
He looked rather serious.
Your hazy mind is quick to fill with sickening, urgent thoughts about what could have occurred between the time you had last woken up and the current time. All of them were completely irrational and you knew you were probably psyching yourself out over something stupid, but given the look he was giving y
:iconskriiver:skriiver 349 18
.indolent // worick x reader x nicolas.
.Worick x Reader x Nicolas.

Little ticks here, small tocks there, quiet clang of dishes there broke and danced in the silence of the room. It was nice for a moment just sitting on your stool at the table, your chop-sticks picking and moving around at your food, idly watching your two friends do the same, and all in quiet - no phone ringing, not even the fatal crack of a whip or the sound of skin colliding could be heard from across the alley which happened to be completely abnormal as it happened almost every day, and if it were happening now, you'd surely hear it since the window was opened like always. You believed Nicolas had a slight interest in the girl - Alex you believe she told you at one point when you talked to her briefly - but he either would deny it, or just turn away from you ... but he always seemed to be looking out the window when you would see him. Perhaps it was just coincidence, because you did have a tendency to allow your imagination to run w
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 134 23
.inarticulate // nicolas brown.
.Nicolas Brown x Mute!Reader.

Nicolas Brown was never a man of many words or emotions(anyone could stand to agree with that), and you weren't either for the former, but he could honestly say that for someone who physically couldn't utter a single word, you talked a lot. He wouldn't lie if you asked him; it wasn't something he enjoyed, but he didn't hate it either. Casual conversation wasn't his strong point and it never had been and it never will be, his words usually reserved for his job, but that was okay and he figured it was for you too, holding enough to 'talk' for two. It also wasn't something he found regularly in his life, even with Worick around, they didn't talk about their daily activities or how they were feeling, but the solider still found himself sitting, standing, or in any position really, with an exhausted expression, watching your hands move in the silent tell of tales. You had told him once you felt bad that he had t
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 180 62
best of // akashi seijuurou
★ title : best of (wives and best of women)
★ characters : akashi seijuurou / fem! reader
★ genre : fluff
★ notes : inspired by hamilton.
~ ★ ~
 "Seijuurou, come back to sleep."
    [Name] calls out softly, entering his office with ease. She smiles sadly to herself at the sight of her husband in his office. He's writing again- as if he's running out of time. It's been a decade, and she hasn't gotten used to his sleepless nights and colorful words for the better of his country.
    Placing the candle on the table, she snakes her arms around his neck and pulls him slightly so he'd rest of her chest- then their eyes meet.
    "I have an early meeting tomorrow morning, my dearest." Seijuurou takes her hand in his, placing the gentle hand to his lips. "I'll be back to bed in a few more moments."
    "It's still dark outside."
    She lowers her body
:iconlunarosej:lunarosej 42 9
Howl x Reader: Vixen
:bulletpurple: Howl x Reader: Vixen :bulletpurple: 

(F/n)’s heart hammered painfully in her chest. Her small feet pattered on the cobbled streets as she fought to outrun those who were pursuing her. There had been very few times in her short life, where the young woman had been truly frightened, but now anxiety coursed through her veins and forced her forward. She had been running for so long, that it almost felt like it was all she could do. Run. Hard and fast and out of harm’s way.
It was midday, and the sun glowed gaily in the sky, though sadly such beauty was lost on (F/n). When she had entered the town (Market Chipping if the signs were anything to go by) a week ago, it had been a peaceful enough place. But now it was ablaze with reveling masses and crowded streets.
It was May Day in Market Chipping, and (F/n) was in a perpetual hell.
Normally festivities and merry making were something to be enjoyed, but for the young woman, there was nothin
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 237 81
Chicken Dragon Thing by angry-green-toast Chicken Dragon Thing :iconangry-green-toast:angry-green-toast 43 35 Blue Haven.Noctis Luna. by sakimichan Blue Haven.Noctis Luna. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,902 376


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Thanks for dropping by curious little teardrop.

Veteran Deviant who's still learning the ways of Deviant Life at your service. :3

I hope you'll enjoy some of my stories that I wrote long ago.


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Dear Reader,

    How are you? It's been a while hasn't it? I haven't written fanfiction for a long time, but I still continue to enjoy and read others. I don't think I'll get back into writing because I now know that writing isn't really for me. It's hard to come up with ideas and form a structure that is pleasurable to the eyes of the readers.
    Life update: I'm currently 17 and I've changed from the young me that was afraid to tell the public something as simple as my age or my life. School is extremely stress and I hope I'll be able to look back at this entry and say, "Hey, you made it." or something like that... xD

    Fanfiction Preferences: I've broadened from different websites and found many new and interesting stories that have captivated me. Like, lunaescence (which is currently down), quotev, archiveofourown, wattpad,, and etc. I'm now able to understand the deeper meaning that is sometimes found in stories.

    Public Social Media: I have a twitter now la_crack1013 and a public Instagram la_storii. I know that no one will follow but I'll document it anyways xD

Well that's all the updates I have for now, until next time my little raindrops~! <3



This chapter and story is very interesting, the romance between Savannah, Lucifer, and Tristan, as well as the lust between the three r...


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