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December 8, 2012
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You watched as your boyfriend, the personification of Sweden stared down at you with an unintentional glare. Most people would back off and have nothing to do with him, but you were different and looked past his coldness.
As you both walked down the cold white blanket of snow, you shivered. Sweden who noticed immediately, silently took off his jacket and put them on your shoulders despite your protests'.

"T-Thank you Berwald..."
He grunted, confirming that he had heard you over the howling cold wind. Suddenly as you continued to walk, the snow got higher and higher until it reached up to your knees. You worried for a moment for when you walked, Berwald's jacket dragged behind you. You stopped at some moments to lift the dragging cloth in your arms.
You hadn't noticed that Berwald would at times turn to check on you. So when you turned to lift it again you were surprised to be lifted off the ground. You squealed in surprise as his arm hooked under your legs and your bottom say on his arm, you hooked your arms around his neck.

"B-Berwald, put me down, I might be heavy!"
You swore you could've heard him chuckle, but the heavy wind instantly blew  it away. You could see the bright lights of the nearby house that came closer and closer. As Berwald opened the door, you still on his arm, the Nordics' were instantly staring at you.
You blushed at the sudden attention but blushed even more when Berwald began walking to his room. Behind you, you heard Denmark shouting to you and the other Nordics'.

"Berwalds' gonna get some!!!"

You could hear the choking of Denmark until Sweden shut the door behind you both as you entered into the warm room. You then felt strong arms wrapping around your waist, making you squeak.
You turned to see Berwald, his head digging into the crook of your neck. There was something off about Berwald, but you then noticed his face was quite cold when his nose brushed against your neck.

"Berwald, you're so cold!"
He didn't say anything, but dragged you to the bed and pulled you down with him, instantly cuddling up against you. You froze for a few seconds before hesitantly wrapping your arms around his body.
His unusual display of affection seemed to surprise you, for he was not the one to show affections and emotions randomly. His breathing softened, as it soothed you. Your eyes began to close, you continued to brush his hair with your hand until you fell asleep, Berwald's body heat keeping you warm.
Also from my Quotev account, I hope you like it!

Please comment and tell me what you think about it!~
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